Buddy Bag Foundation

Making a difference to children in emergency care

Buddy Bag Foundation Making a Difference to Children in Emergency Care

Where Bluebirds Fly have teamed up with The Buddy Bag Foundation!

Every month Where Bluebirds Fly makes a donation to The Buddy Bag Foundation to put together Buddy Bags to be sent to a children in emergency accommodation.

Buddy Bag Foundation Bear

What do the Buddy Bag Foundation do?

The Buddy Bag Foundation provide a care package for children entering emergency accommodation, a Buddy Bag is a prepacked backpack full of practical and comfort items to restore a sense of safety and security in their lives. The Buddy Bags are tailored to suit babies and children according to age groups and gender and cater specifically for children aged 0-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12 and 13-16 years old.

The Buddy Bags are stored and distributed to women’s refuges in the UK that deal with children who have been victims of domestic and sexual abuse. Each participating centre will keep a stock of Buddy Bags that can be handed to children when they are placed in emergency care.

What's in a Buddy Bag?

A Buddy Bag is a backpack that contains all the essential items a child needs. They include toiletries, pyjamas, socks and underwear. They also include comfort items such as a book, a photo frame and a teddy bear. A Buddy Bag is something a child can call their own, no matter where they go.

Where can I find out more and how else can I help?

For more information on The Buddy Bag Foundation pop on over to their website !

There are many ways you can get involved with Buddy Bag, aside from making donations you can attend to a local bag packing event, donate preloved Lego, knit a bear for a child! Or donate some of your valuable time or money.