50 Things To See In The Sky


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50 Things To See In The Sky

From otherworldly phenomena on Earth like sun dogs, to the ISS, red supergiants, ice volcanoes and the Pillars of Creation, discover the limitless wonder of the skies. Each entry in this guide will help you locate an incredible sight, whether you use the naked eye, a telescope, or fall into a black hole of online research. The book also includes advice on ideal conditions for observing the stars, how to navigate the skies, and a rundown of useful tools.

In this stargazer’s guide (with a glow-in-the-dark cover), astrophysicist Barker gives tips for finding celestial phenomena with or without a telescope. She shares practical tips and tricks to navigate the boundless sky, such as how to identify the constellation Orion, spot the red supergiant star Betelgeuse and even locate the Apollo 11 moon landing site. The amusing illustrations and maps come in handy to identify the right time and place for observing. Although only 50 sights are highlighted, there is much more to explore out there. As Barker writes, ‘the sky isn’t the limit-the sky has no limit.’
– Scientific American

This global introduction to the night sky includes wonders that can be viewed only from the Southern or Northern hemispheres, as well as objects that can be seen from anywhere depending on the time of the year. The blue-and-white illustrations provide a clear picture of what the viewer is looking for; the many references to free apps and websites can further inspire astronomical exploration.
– School Library Journal