The Happy Newspaper- Issue 26: ‘Progress’


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The Happy Newspaper is a quarterly newspaper which only celebrates the positive news, wonderful people and everything that is good in the world.  

Basically a little piece of sunshine in the post. 


Issue 26: ‘Progress’

If we are to progress- for the world to progress- we need to explore, experiment, learn and challenge old ways of thinking and doing. 


About The Happy Newspaper

The newspaper is a 32-page publication packed with only positive stories from across the globe, it also has an entire section dedicated to our Everyday Heroes. Not only that, we also feature articles based around a theme (Issue 26’s theme is ‘Progress’) as well as gathering content on lifestyle, showbiz, travel, food and more.

The whole thing began as a very small idea in the whirlwind brain of Emily Coxhead, who began to realise the effect that the news was having on her when she was going through a difficult time herself. With a little extra help from a tiny but wonderful team The Happy News became a much bigger ‘thing’. The newspaper is still being directed, designed and illustrated by Emily in the world’s tiniest office in a little village in North West England… but has now been read by over 12,000 subscribers in 33 different countries each quarter!

As you may have noticed, this is not your typical newspaper. Its purpose is not to deliver sad or terrifying news to your doorstep, which you might read once and then throw away. Its sole purpose is to share and celebrate positive, uplifting stories that are often overlooked. For many people, understanding the idea behind the newspaper is one thing, but experiencing what a difference it makes to see and read solely positive articles is another.

– 32 pages

– Full Colour/Illustrated

– No boring adverts

– Suitable and loved by ALL ages

– Stitched and trimmed which makes it easier for the young and elderly as it doesn’t fall apart

– 270mm x 350mm

– White, 54 GSM recycled blend stock (‘basically not rubbish grey newsprint which only lasts 24 hours – I want The Happy Newspaper to last for as long as possible so it can be shared around and left for people to read’)