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Where Bluebirds Fly: What we do

Here in the Bluebirds nest- we create thoughtful and caring gift packages, helping you to send someone that perfect moment when they need it the most.

You can create a gift box tailored perfectly to your loved ones containing only the things you know they will love and use and giving them everything they need to take a little bit of me time in the way that they will enjoy, whether that is with a cup of tea and a biscuit, a warm bath and a face mask or a journal and some new pencils.

After browsing our range of lovely gift ideas and selecting the perfect package our small team lovingly hand pack it into one of our gift boxes for you adding some carefully selected finishing touches to create a very special unwrapping experience. Our Bluebird Boxes make the perfect pick me up gift to send in the post to let someone know they are in your thoughts.

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Where Bluebirds Fly

Where Bluebirds Fly is an online independent gift shop based in York, we launched in 2016 with support from the Princes Trust and since then we have received recognition from entrepreneurs, Theo Paphitis and Jacqueline Gold!

We really care about gifts and love finding uniquely special items that really do show how much thought and care has gone into selecting them, so we have curated some wonderful things we can be sure to make people smile. The majority of our gifts come from UK independent businesses, Small scale designer makers and Fairtrade suppliers overseas, so not only have they been made and designed with a lot of love and care your purchase is also helping to make a difference to small independent businesses. We offer a create your own gift parcel service so you can send a personalised care package or gift hamper in the post with flexibility to create your own bespoke gift tailored to your loved ones and we also make a monthly donation to The Buddy Bag Foundation which provides care packages for children placed in emergency accommodation.